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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  May 13, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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a fire in concord takes an 81-year-old woman's home from her and puts her in the hospital. we have a live report coming up. the new plan in the works to allow commuters to report trouble on part with their cell phones. this is amazing. >> can a huge victory for the sharks take them one step closer to the stanley cup? it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news.
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good morning, thank you for joining us it's friday, may 13th i'm pam cook. it sounds like we're in for a weird weather weekend. >> we have mostly clear skies. there will be partly sunny skies at times. the big change will be on the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up shortly. here is sal. traffic is moving well if you are driving on the nimitz freeway. north and southbound it's a nice drive with no major issues. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving on 101 northbound. that traffic is moving along very nicely. 4:31 let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. new this morning one person is in the hospital after an overnight house fire in concord. it started shortly after two this morning at a home on
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edmondton way. >> reporter: they are getting ready to board this house up. it's damaged to the point of not being able to live there anymore. a neighbor in the back of this house called 911 this morning when flames started shooting out of the kitchen. it was around 2:15. the battalion chief with the fire protection district told us the 81-year-old woman who lives here left something on the stove and fell asleep. she was able to get out of the home here along edmondton way before firefighters arrived but they still had to rush her to the hospital. >> the initial fire was reported in the kitchen area. that's where the most damage is. we're at $150,000. it was a cooking fire. >> reporter: this was a one alarm fire. as you can see, no one was k live in this home -- no one can live in this home anymore. $150,000 worth of damage. the 81-year-old woman was taken to the hospital and suffered
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from smoke inhalation. i mentioned a few minutes ago they are getting ready to board up this house in a little bit. reporting live jade hernandez ktvu channel 2 news. evacuation warnings are in place for parts of monterey county this morning. it started burning at 6:00 yesterday evening near mets road. that is east of solidad. high winds and high temperatures are help fueling the flames. went from 30 to 600 acres. right now the fire is only 30% contained. overnight we talked to cal fire about some of the challenges crews out in the field are facing. >> firefighters are facing steep terrain and flashy fuels. a lot of grass is already cured. it's dried and prime for burning. the brush is surprisingly dry for this time of year.
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>> cal fire says no firefighters have been injured. crews should have an easier time fighting the fire once the sun comes up. more problems this morning for the computer system that used to handle assignments for san francisco police officer and firefighters. the computer aided dispatch system failed yesterday. that forced police to manually handle assignments for crews until the backup system could be put into place. it's not known when it will be back up and running again. this is the second computer failure for san francisco emergency services. the last incident happened on new years eve the same night of the apartment fire that left 50 people homeless. they were able to answer all calls that night despite the technical glitch. teachers will stage rallies across the state including in san francisco to protest cuts to education funding.
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it's the culmination of a week- long series of protests. educators took over the state capitol last night. 26 teachers were arrested including the president of the california teachers association. the cta wants lawmakers to vote on tax extensions to avoid deeper cuts. governor brown will release its revised budget on monday. he will propose eliminating the california appeals board. that will save $1.2 million. the board is made up of former lawmakers. it's been highly criticized. they each make $128,000 a year despite meeting very rarely. republican lawmakers are presenting their own solution for solving the states budget crisis but it's not without controversy. coming up at 4:45 how their plan to spare education could effect the states neediest people. in a few hours the man
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accused of trying to storm the cockpit of a jet heading to san francisco is due back in court. a judge will hold a bail hearing from al-murisi. the 28-year-old immigrant should remain behind bars. she calls him a flight risk and possible danger to the community. san jose state university has identified the three people who died in this week's murder suicide. 25-year-old caliguiran and thomas kyle williams were accounting majors that would have graduated last month. the woman's husband shot and killed them in a campus parking garage. he is 54 years old. he then turned the gun on himself. the motive is still unclear. >> we are still trying to determine questions around relationships about what happened and frankly i think the bottom line is that we won't know. everybody who knows for sure has passed away.
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>> now one san jose state professor that the two students were not linked romanticically. he believes the young woman may have offered to give williams a ride home. williams was also married. oakland police say six people were hurt in a crash involving an ac transit bus and a van. that accident happened late yesterday just east of downtown oakland. investigators say it appears the van driver ran a red light and smashed into the bus. emergency crews took both drivers and four bus passengers to the hospital. still no word though on how badly they were hurt. reporting trouble on bart could soon be just a text away. bart's board proposal wants the agency to establish a phone line where passengers can report problems such as unruly passengers, broken doors, or suspicious packages. barts interim general manager
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says they will start investigating that proposal. the san jose sharks are heading to the western conference finals of the stanley cup playoffs. >> it came down to game seven last night after the sharks missed three chances to win their series against detroit. goal by devin, logan, and patrick gave the sharks a 3-2 win. excited fans there. take a look they flooded downtown san jose after that shark victory. >> i am feeling so much better now and it was such a great game. fantastic. >> it's -- the curse over? >> the curse is over. >> the sharks now face the vancouver canucks for a chance to play for the stanley cup. tickets for all of the home games back here go on sale at 10:00 a.m.. all right it's 4:38. we want to go back over to sal.
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it sounds like people were pretty civil last night i goes. >> yes. it does sound like it. the san jose sharks showed class. let's go to the 80 westbound out to the mccarthur maze no major problem there is. traffic looks good if you are driving on to the bay bridge right now. we are off to a nice start. we don't see a lot when chp is giving us a lot. let's take a look at the south bay commute. northbound 280 moves well getting up to highway 17. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. on this friday we have mostly clear skies pap little cool for may. there will be high clouds coming in especially the north bay. today is like the transition -- sorry about that saying like pam. this is the transition day and the system right there it has a ways to go. it's aligning itself.
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it will be on its way more tomorrow than today. 40 at napa. 42 san rafael. a little bite to the morning air. san francisco 49. low 50s around hay wad. not much wind. the sea breeze is still in place even though yesterday was a rather nice day. it will warm up. big low dropping down from the gulf of alaska and sweep over the area late saturday into sunday. increasing clouds on sat. maybe rain late saturday night. i think sunday morning will be the go time for morning rain and such cold air coming in with possible thunderstorms. as in the upper 50s. higher clouds drifting in more toward the north bay. 50s, 60s and a lot of leo 70s -- and a lot of low 70s. mostly sunny and then we go cloudy to mostly cloudy. rain develops late sat into --
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late saturday into sunday. tuesday is the if day. >> we'll be watching. z more details emerge about osama bin laden. the efforts he took to send e- mails from his hideout without being detected by the u.s.. claims of illegal gambling at chalky cheese. the one lawsuit one mother is filing. traffic is moving well if you are driving on highway 4 heading out west. we will tell you more straight ahead.
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good morning, we have low 40s in the north bay earn mostly sunny skies in the morning. that off system shore is lurking. it will be here tomorrow. today though 60s and low 70s. until today the tops of the levies in louisiana have gathering spots for people wanting to see the record floods. school groups and tourists have jock kid for the best views. today only police and emergency crews will be there as they prepare to open a massive spillway in an effort to keep the waters out of baton rouge and new orleans. instead it will head to small ever towns around the way. they could be 15 feet under water by sunday night. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the
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bloodiest attack in pakistan since the death of osama bin laden. at least 80 people died when two bombs went off at a military training center in the north eastern part of the country. nearly all of the people killed were recruits. we're now learning how osama bin laden was able to e- mail other members of al qaeda without leaving a digital trail. navy seals seized 100 flash drives. investigators have determined that bin laden would type messages and then put them on a flash drive and then a cure your would -- cure your would take them. the cia has interviewed the three wives at the compound.
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the oldest of the three women spoke for the group. all three said to be hostile toward americans. the interview did not result in much new information. california republican lawmakers have unvailed their plan to balance the budget. but the governors administration calls ate gimmick. it would maintain education funding and would include no new taxes. but it relies on mayor cuts for the disabled, mentally dibbled, and early childhood. >> it also is a big concern because they are laying a good foundation to help make them successful in school. a lot of the children would lose that opportunity as well. >> it also calls for a 10% pay cut for state workers. tomorrow is the day that you can help your local food banks without having to leave
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your home. the annual stamp out hunger drive starts tomorrow morning in the bay area and across the country. you can help by just putting out canned goods and nonperishable goods by your mailbox. mail carriers will pick them up and drive them to the food bank. new reaction this morning on a food fight controversy in the east bay. we first reported last night on the 10:00 news about 30 seniors at hayward leadership high school took part in the food fight organized on facebook. that lead to the schools to immediately cancel the senior prom and disney land grad night trip. the punishment even applies to students that were in the cafeteria during the food fight. one person that was there told us. >> she thinks this place sucks and i don't blame her. i think it does too. and the dean of this school and
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the principal and the person riding the back of her should be fired. >> some students and parents are hoping administrators will soften the penalties or at least not apply them to everyone. chucky cheese is being sued. the claim the popular children's restaurant is a center for illegal gambling. a san diego mother alleged many of the games are games of chance and under california law that makes those games illegal slot machines. if she wins it would force the restaurants to take out some of the games and pay back the money that people put into those games. mortgage rates have hit their lowest mortgage rates of the year and they can dip fourther. the average year 40 year fixed rate mortgage has a 40% rate. mortgage rates have fallen four consecutive weeks now.
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industry analysts say few people are buying homes. the belongings of a notorious killer going for sale. the items up for auction and the people benefiting from that sale. shock and disappointment for american idol fans as their own james durbin is voted off. what that means for the celebration they planned in his honor.
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welcome back to the morning news. several items connected to the uni bomber will be sold on an online auction. it will include the original handwritten and typed letter. the money raised will help
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compensate his victims. three people died and 23 others were hurt by his bombs. he is serving a life sentence in federal prison. another hearing on the jones town memorial will be ruled. an alameda county judge denied a temporary screening on the memorial under construction at oakland evergreen cemetery. some family members say it should not include the name of jim jones. just about 400 of those victims are buried at evergreen cemetery. a memorial service will be held today for omar the san carlos mayor. the public is invited to attend the memorial which will begin at 3:00 p.m.. the aviation museum. san carlos vice mayor andy
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kline who has temporarily taken over the mayor's duties were arrested yesterday on suspicion of dui. he pulled over to answer his cell phone when the officer approached and smelled alcohol on his breath. kline issued a statement saying as a politician we are held to a higher standard if i fail to live up to that, i'm truly sorry. a car chase and shootout are planned in downtown san francisco. no need to worry. it's only for a commercial. the filming begins at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow and will go to 8:00 p.m.. several streets may be off limits but people should have access to their homes throughout the day. the commercial is meant to recreate the car chase scene from the 1968 bullet. sal. right now traffic is moving along pretty well around the bay area. we're looking at northbound 101 san francisco that traffic looks good and no major issues there.
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also the morning commute is nice if you are driving on highway 4 westbound coming into bay point it is a very nice drive with no major issues. and if we're going to the south bay. let's go to the south bay. this is northbound 280. that traffic is moving very nicely getting up to highway 17 with no major problems. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. we have mostly clear skies. there is a little bite to the morning air. system is getting closer. your weekend will be mostly cloudy. sunday around here it will be really cold. this system is running into a lot of resistance. it will spread in higher crowds. the big weekend change rain returns late saturday night. it will be really cool around here for may. impressively cool if you will. thunderstorms as well as this whole low moves over us. with the days we are into may you get cold air in here and the per ramates for
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thunderstorms activity goes through the roof. low 40s and 50s. calm san jose. calm also up in santa rosa. here's your system. the low has to dig and move east. as it does, it will start to move into the weekend. increasing clouds on sat. today we're all right. we will go with that timeline for now. sunday is the main time as the system swings through. mostly sunny mild to warm. higher clouds today. i think they want to visit the north bay than anybody else. maybe patchy fog most of it got chewed up yesterday. 50s, 60s and low to mid 70s. we could be on the mild side. we don't want to say tropical just kind of mild. saturday increasing clouds. sunday rain. showers on monday. >> tropical sounds better but okay. thank you. american idol dream has ended for santa cruz james durbin. >> the person with a shot at
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the finale is scotty mccreery. >> after nearly 72 million viewers cast votes, the 22-year- old found out he was going home. the news certainly upset fans watching in capitola. >> i thought he would make it to at least the top two. definitely america has very much missed out. >> the durbin day celebration planned for tomorrow has been canceled. we will have reaction from james durbin himself later this morning as we talk to him live at 7:48. that is coming up up on mornings on 2. the beta breakers race kicks off today. they will hold a special luncheon at noon today. sunday's race will be the 100th running of the be-- bay to breakers. there will also be a ceremony
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to help the people that shaped the race throughout the years. one person rushed to the hospital after an overnight fire in concord. the clues crews are searching for this morning. that is coming up in a live report. san francisco's fire and police dispatch system down for two hours and it's not the first time this has happened.
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good morning, i'm jade hernandez. this morning fire leaves an 81- year-old woman without a home. i'll have a live report. the problems started yesterday and were supposed to be fixed but this morning we've been talking to san francisco police officers that say communication is still a problem. i'll tell you what is happening at 911. three people killed in a deadly campus shooting are identified. the details emerging about their connection this morning. good morning, to you. welcome to friday, may 13th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. let's start with the weather. steve how does it look? >> mostly clear. we will have a mostly sunny morning and partly cloudy by


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